MegaFab (Proposed)

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What is the MegaFab project?

One of the current challenges of non-specific fabrication techniques (3D prototyping) is that they are usually limited to small parts and pieces in limited runs and long processing times. Everyone who has tried these techniques has felt these constraints. Having that in mind, we've been thinking of ways to build larger parts or more parts simultaneously without making the process slower. That's where the MegaFab project originated from. We would like to have a bigger additive fabrication machine that could be fast and versatile enough to be able to produce parts at least as big as an office desk, or more parts per run, and adaptable to different techniques.

What techniques would the machine use?

This machine could be (manually) adapted before each fabrication run to produce parts from different types of materials using different types of processing heads:

  • ceramics parts with a waterjet print head and clay powder;
  • metal parts with a laser head and metal powder (SLS);
  • plastic parts with by injection with a melting head;
  • plastic parts with plastic powder and a resin jet head;
  • plastic parts with plastic powder and a laser head (SLS);
  • maybe more?

What is the current state of this project?

Currently, we don't even know yet if we will move forward with this project. Like many other of our projects, we have the knowledge and manpower, but we lack the time and money. It will depend on the amount of funding we gather. This is going to be one really expensive project. We already have the plans. But we're still missing the monetary fuel.

What are you planning to support?

We are definitely going to support Linux, most likely Windows as well. We are still unsure about other operating systems.