Mulk - Build tool for Linux distributions


A Linux distribution build tool, allowing you to choose the software and compile-time options in a very flexible way, suitable for several situations including workstations, public information kiosks, networking gear, gambling machines, medical devices, automotive interfaces and even military equipment.

Project details

The purpose of this project is to provide a tool to allow building Linux distributions. It heavily relies on Package Doctor, using it to manage the software and the base set of tools, and allows the user to customize parameters and features present. The idea originally came from the necessity to be able to build complete system installations from the operating system root to the highest level user interface for integration into embedded systems such as public kiosks, networking gear, gaming and gambling devices, medical devices, automobile interfaces and even military devices. Mulk allows to create a full distribution from the ground up and the configuration of every parameter, including platform characteristics.

Method of operation

To build an installation, Mulk performs the following steps:
  1. Creation of the base project files. These projects are created by the user, based on skeleton files provided by Mulk that the user needs only to edit accordingly.
  2. Creation of a PKD profile. In order to be able to install the software, it is necessary to use PKD. Each new project requires an independent PKD profile, since the platform characteristics and requirements may vary.
  3. The PKD profile is used to create the bootstrap, a reduced base platform that exists only to allow the compilers to perform their function.
  4. Using the bootstrap, Mulk creates the toolchain, a set of software tools required for the compilation process of the entire final system.
  5. Using the toolchain, the root filesystem structure of the final system is written and the software is built.
  6. Depending on the project configurations, the project may be exported and be made into a ready to use image. If properly configured, it can even be installed and automatically tested on the target platform.
  7. All these steps are logged and automated so they can be executed repeatedly.

More information

There are no available downloads yet, since the project is very recent and hasn't yet been considered ready for distribution. For more news about this project, follow the blog Onda Technology Report.