Products and services

We can, occasionally, provide services as a source of additional funding. Those are services more focused on telecommunications, electronics, software development and other related areas, usually for companies relying on IT systems. For more information, contact us.

Research and development

We function under a "Think Tank" model which allows us to explore technologies and do research by contract for other institutions.

IT infrastructures

Technology is a crucial tool in the success of current and modern institutions. This team can help you build an appropriate and efficient IT infrastructure, of low cost to implement and maintain, which will make the difference.

Human resources

We have developed our own efficient and versatile method of recruitment for IT positions that covers the entire process, that can be adapted to different requirements and evaluates knowledge, professional personality, and environmental factors that can influence the performance of the applicant such as workplace conditions.


Our team has many certified professional trainers, able to fulfill your requirements for continuous or specific technical training, crucial for the success as a replacement or improvement of a degree. We also produce teaching materials such as, for example, our programming practices book.