Why contribute

As a non-profit organization, funding for our projects is severely limited and comes, mostly, from the investments made by the volunteers that are part of this team. Even with some latitude to provide some services, we are bound by legal limitations. Therefore, your contribution is very important.

But the world is going through a serious economy problem!

This just reinforces the necessity to contribute. Investment brings research, research brings technology and innovation. These have the consequence of reducing long term costs and generating more money.

How can I help?

  • Direct bank transfer/deposit to the following account number:
    IBAN: PT50 0061 0050 05592884500 10
  • Donations through Paypal (to the account donations [ at ]
  • Bitcoin: 1M6PivBJyRUJQ8JZC31H1Nj4qyTjb3933Q
  • Litecoin: (soon)
  • For those who like a pun... Dogecoin: D6GuRwyPtvj4npUV1bVRXVNVaY8m7Jz5Le
  • You can also acquire copies of our publications, as all profits are directly applied to our research projects.
  • You can become a member.
  • Contact us for more information or alternate methods. Find out how here.